Ohvriabi (Victim Support Estonia)

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The Victim Support Association is a civic initiative organization that has been operating since 1995. In

2006, a national victim support system was established, with which the Association cooperates effectively and allows the Association, as a voluntary organization, to support those who do not qualify as victims of crime. but who still suffer similar suffering.

The aim of the Victim Support Association is to provide human support to those who need it at the moment and to provide an opportunity for those who want to support others. In Estonia, about 250,000 people fall victim to evil acts every year. One organization cannot support all of these people, but society as a whole can. Everyone can do something, the will and desire to see and support those in need is important.


Harkujärve, Kiriku tee 2, Harku vald, Harjumaa, 76912, Estonia




Associate Member

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