Crime can affect us all, no matter our age, gender, nationality, or faith. Each year, more than 100 million people fall victim to crime in Europe, with some being more likely to suffer from crime or being less likely to have access to the support services they need.

VSE is a non-profit organisation, largely funded by the European Commission and by Membership fees. In short, our work mostly focuses on EU countries, and our funding is limited. Your generous donations allow us to expand our activities and ensure that all victims of crime as well as their loved ones can receive the psychological, legal, and financial support they deserve.

You can help us support vulnerable victims by donating to our Facility Dogs project – FYDO. Taking part in criminal proceedings significantly increases the chances of suffering from repeat victimisation. Research shows that the presence of animals can help decrease a person’s heart rate and blood pressure and improve response to stress and overall well-being. Worldwide projects, including pilot studies in Europe, show that victims feel, and are able to verbalize, better when they can interact with a – specially trained – ‘facility dog’ at various stages of criminal trials or even when making a complaint to the police.

Facility dogs are selected by specialist organisations and trained by qualified handlers to support vulnerable victims. The aim of the FYDO Project is to coordinate this service for victims in three European countries – Belgium, Italy, and France – to provide improved victim support and satisfaction. The project delivers training for FYDO trainers as well as 5 dogs and 10 handlers, and support for at least 200 victims. Facility dog services will be offered in various settings, such as police stations, law courts, and victim support organisations.

Another VSE project worthy of  your donation is our Referral System for Cross-border Victims of Crime. Victims of a crime in a country other than their own often face challenges that leave them particularly vulnerable. There are numerous obstacles that make it more difficult for them to identify and/or access appropriate support services. VSE’s goal, by supporting its members organisations, is to ensure that all victims of crime can find and receive the support and assistance they need.

The Referral System allows 45 international civil society organisations to safely refer victims of cross border crimes to support services in another country. Each organisation has assigned a point of contact for referrals, this person is the only one able to access the system to send and receive cases. VSE members can now interact with each other, on a secure platform, about victims’ cases without the VSE’s office being involved.

Thank you so much for considering a donation to VSE. Together we can ensure that victims of crime, in Europe and worldwide, receive the most appropriate, fair, and innovative support services.