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Help support vulnerable victims, donate to FYDO.

It’s well known that, in times of stress, pets can help lower our blood pressure and improve our anxiety levels and our sense of well-being. Research studies show that victims of crime also feel, and communicate, better when they interact with a FacilitY DOg (FYDO).

FYDO dogs are selected and trained by certified specialists to help vulnerable victims of all ages. Victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence in particular find their support, in the courtroom or when reporting a violent crime to the police, especially comforting.

VSE has helped facilitate the training and provision of Belgian, French, and Italian FYDO services in police stations, law courts, and victim support organisations. We are currently asking for donations for FYDO’s next phase; we want to create a Europe-wide network of facility dog services and need YOUR help in achieving this goal.  Click on this box to find out more about FYDO and how your money can help us support vulnerable victims of crime!

Help cross-border victims of crime.

Have you ever been a victim of crime while on holiday or have you ever been a victim of online fraud?

Victims of cross-border crime (a crime that takes place in a country other than your own) often find it difficult to get the right support, to receive compensation, and to achieve justice. VSE’s goal, with help from its members organisations, is to ensure that all victims of cross-border crime get the (emotional, legal, financial) assistance they need.

Our Referral System allows 45 international civil society organisations confidentially and securely connect victims of cross-border crimes to support services in another country. Your donation will allow us to provide innovative services, refer more victims, and ensure that if you are a victim of cross-border crime you will get the help you need! Click on this box to find out more about our Cross-border Referral System and what your donation can do to help victims of crime.

Victim Support Europe
Rue Froissart 123-133
1040 Brussels

IBAN: BE75 7370 6710 5451
VAT: BE 0828549254

Victim Support Europe is a registered not-for-profit organisation in Belgium and donations of over €40 are tax deductible.

Thank you! Your support for VSE is very much appreciated, especially in a world where everyone is struggling to pay their bills.

Unfortunately, criminals still target the vulnerable, they still abuse family members, they continue to steal from those with no money or no safeguards; without your donations we would be unable to advocate on behalf of victims of crime, to ensure those targeted by criminals are able to claim their legal rights to recognition and respect, support and protection, access to justice and compensation.

Thank you!

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