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Within the European Union, there exist various institutions and bodies producing and implementing legislation, policies, funding programs, and other projects in a myriad different fields. The complexity of the setup of the European Union and its bodies allows for an in-depth approach to every aspect of every field, from agriculture and food safety to translation and research to migration and human rights. However, there are also downsides associated with this complexity – it can be hard to navigate through large numbers of different bodies and their websites when looking for information.

There have been efforts to improve the situation and to better consolidate information on certain topics. For instance, the new (beta) version of the European e-Justice Portal provides a relatively easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface with information organised by topics (and subtopics) rather than by agencies.

There have also been independent projects and collaborations aimed specifically at mapping all the relevant information on specific topics. For instance, a project titled POEMS mapped all EU legislation concerning protection orders in the European Member States. Until now, no similar projects have taken place in the field of victims’ rights. Bringing all this information together contributes towards ensuring victims’ rights are guaranteed all around the European Union.

We have created a comprehensive, user-friendly overview of all laws, policies, and other EU documents which relate to victims of crime. This instrument can be useful to victim support professionals, lawyers, researchers, and even victims themselves by providing all the necessary information on a given topic.

Key EU legislation relating to victims of crime

This mapping was last updated in August 2020. If something is not working, please get in touch with us at

Many documents can be found on the following agencies' and organizations' websites:

Finally, there are many funding programs which can be used to apply for funding for projects dedicated to protecting and advancing victims' rights. You may find them here:
as well as here:

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