International Networks & Engagement

VSE’s advocacy is not limited to the EU Member States but is global in its attitude.

VSE and the United Nations

We have a close relationship with various parts of the United Nations, including:

1. UNODC: we endorse the revision of the UN’s manual on the Implementation of the Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power.
2. UN Counter Terrorism Office: we participate in a groups of experts, to develop a manual of good practices on supporting victims of terrorism in the Middle East and Africa, and a similar manual for Asia.
3. Jane Connors, Victim Advocate, UN: we support the Advocate’s work through participation in her working group.

Victim Support Asia

2018 marked the establishment of Victim Support Asia, which brings together support organisations from around the continent. While the original intention to establish an international support organisation – VOCI – foundered in 2017, lessons were learned, and VSE encouraged the creation of Victim Support Asialed by our long time partner – Korean Crime Victim Support.

Following much discussion, and the appointment of Frida Wheldon as Development Director, the organisation was legally registered and now has 12 members. Its first conference took place in March 2019 in South Korea, with VSE providing operational support.


Recently, there has been an increase in terrorist attacks across the world. There are many  kinds of terrorism, but they all are devastating for the victims and their families.

Victim Support Europe works tirelessly to provide information and resources those affected by a terrorist attack. Our response to the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks on 21 April 2019 was coordinated through Victim Support Asia:


  1. VSE emailed the Terrorism Response Network with initial information on the attack and requested information from members on any potential victims
  2. FBI response: at least 2 Americans deceased
  3. VSA contacted the Sri Lanka National Authority for Protection of Victims of Crime and Witnesses
  4. The Belgian coordinator for victims of terrorism contacted VSE to offer support

INVICTM – International Network Supporting Victims of Terrorism and Mass Violence

Each year, INVICTM – International Network Supporting Victims of Terrorism and Mass Violence, holds its international symposium on Supporting Victims of Terrorism prior to VSE’s Annual Conference.

Experts develop and recommend approaches to respond to the complexities of supporting victims of terrorism after each unique attack. Symposium participants, from around the world, use their own experience and expertise to identify common predictable challenges, at a local level, and come up with practical solutions to support victims of terrorism in the event of an attack on their soil.

Learn more about the symposium on the events page.

The Indian Society of Victimology

The Indian society of Victimology (ISV) was founded by Dr. K. Chockalingam in August 1992 to advocate the cause of victims of crime and abuse of power in India. Society members include academics, social scientists, criminal justice practitioners, social activists, research scholars and students from across India. Today, the Society has 534 Life Members and continues to grow in interest and membership.

In 2020, VSE’s Deputy Director Aleksandra Ivankovic gave a presentation on ‘gender-based violence in a cyber environment’ at the Seventh International and Eleventh Biennial Conference of the Indian society of victimology.

Full Programme of the Seventh International and Eleventh Biennial Conference Download