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Working for Victims

To support our goals, Victim Support Europe, and our network of victim support organisations throughout Europe, need you to help us.

As most victim support organisations are self-funding, they rely on volunteers to support any salaried staff in the provision of services.  The core service offered is the delivery of advice – on victims’ rights and on all aspects of reporting a crime to the authorities.  While volunteers can be trained to deliver such advice, professional support staff – lawyers, psychologists, counsellors, etc.  – are also required to work with victims on more complex issues: assistance with trials and compensation; PTSD; abuse issues; etc.

In addition to the volunteers and professionals to work with the victims, who reach out for assistance, we also need those who are willing to relate their own stories of involvement in a crime.  Accounts from survivors can help victims of similar crimes overcome the trauma experienced.

And finally, we also need donors and fundraisers to ensure that the work our volunteers and professionals will continue to support those victims that turn to us for help.

If you feel you would like to work with victims of crime in Europe – whether directly or indirectly – please get in touch with us!

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