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Capacity Building

Transformation can only happen when people are empowered with the knowledge and skills to plan and implement change. We believe that investing in people within victim support services, government agencies, and civil society will ensure the development of that knowledge and capacity. Understanding problems and finding solutions promote the transition to developing comprehensive victim support services.

Capacity building, in its various forms, underpins our work with members and partners. Over the last three decades, we have held training courses for thousands of people: in the field, in classrooms, in government and company offices, and online. We also provide long-term mentoring and support to ensure people feel empowered to own the transformation process and work towards ensuring positive outcomes.

VSE was established in 1990, since when it has accumulated wide-ranging experience and proficiency in capacity-building. Through its projects and programmes, the organisation offers a range of services that enhance the skill-building efforts and organisational development of victim support services across the EU. These include training and coaching on topics such as victim referral, victims’ needs and the Victims’ Directive, the provision of information to victims of crime, individual assessment of victims of crime, communication, and strategic litigation. VSE also offers training on the rights of various groups of victims.

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