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Help your national or local organization

Victim support organisations around Europe provide aid to all those who ask for it; however, not all organisations giving professional, free of charge psychological, financial or legal help to victims of crime have their activities paid for by their local, regional, or federal governments.  Many organisations depend on volunteers giving their time and professional experience as well as fundraisers or donors making contributions to support those in need of assistance.

These organisations operate not only in prosperous towns, but also in the poorer more rural areas of Europe, looking after victims of local domestic or ethnic abuse, or looking after victims of terrorism – all need your help to be able to carry out their work.  Through our interactive map and the information provided on this website you can find out about organisations near you: if you have time to spare, can help with fundraising, or can make a donation – please get in touch!

Your support as a volunteer or as a fundraiser or as a donor is invaluable and will allow the work carried out by your local victim support organisation to continue to give victims of crime the opportunity to overcome the fear, distress, or trauma they have suffered.

We have 69 member organisations directly supporting victims of crime at a national or local level. Volunteers form the foundation of many of their services, which simply would not be possible without them.

Their volunteers often directly support victims of crime whilst others carry out a range of other tasks, such as promotional work and raising money to help with the running of the organisation.

All volunteers who work with victims will receive a range of training to ensure they are sufficiently qualified for the work. Victims support organisations are always in need of volunteers. If you’d like to help in your local community, please contact one of our members here for more information.

Find your local victim support organisation here.

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