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Developing knowledge

Before any positive social impact can be achieved, people – whether an employee or director of a company, a government employee, or a member of civil society – must understand why there is a need to advocate for victims’ rights, and associated support services. People can only commit to change once they have understood the challenges, and solutions, that are involved.

Key players require practical information, tools, and guidance to help turn commitment into action. By developing, and sharing, knowledge and capacity, we can support them on this transition pathway.

For Advocacy

VSE works with European and International Institutions to influence EU and international laws and policies on victims’ rights. We have a formal consultative status with the UN’s ECOSOC Committee and work closely with the European Commission, the European Parliament and various EU Agencies, such as the Fundamental Rights Agency.

Through our network of members and experts, through workshops and conferences and through government-level meetings, we gather information on laws and policies in place or planned. We provide advice to members on the compliance of national laws with EU laws and inform EU institutions of any concerns or best practices. Every year, we work on national reports on the state of implementation of victims’ rights in the EU Member States.

While VSE staff are regularly invited to share their expertise on EU victims’ rights and victim support policies, we intend to increase our capacity to monitor EU Member State compliance with international obligations.

For Capacity Building and Training

When it comes to knowledge on victims’ rights, VSE and its network has a wealth of experience and expertise. VSE’s overall aim is to strengthen the organisational capacity of its members and that of other organisations or individuals coming into contact with victims to bring about change.

VSE was established in 1990, since when it has accumulated wide-ranging experience and proficiency in capacity-building. Through its projects and programmes, the organisation offers a range of services that enhance the skill-building efforts and organisational development of victim support services across the EU. These include training and coaching on topics such as victim referral, victims’ needs and the Victims’ Directive, the provision of information to victims of crime, individual assessment of victims of crime, communication, and strategic litigation. VSE also offers training on the rights of various groups of victims.

Innovating Tools and Guidance

We have a range of freely available practical guidance and briefing notes. Topics covered include front line support service best practice reports on building practical guidance for those in need; introductions to a comprehensive victim support system; and mainstreaming victims’ rights. We also develop and support locally adapted tools and guidance that allow people to better understand victims’ rights and take ownership of problems and solutions in their national/regional context.

VSE offers training (online and in person) and provides long-term mentoring, organisational and governmental webinars, and partners with various EU NGOS, international institutions, and networks on training modules.

VSE supports knowledge development through the delivery of specific training events, workshops, lectures and presentations at VSE-organised and external events. To find out more about our training activities, please, visit our Training Academy page.

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