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Addressing the crucial need for education on terrorism preparedness

22 Sep 2023 
In Conversation With Maher Rekik: Unveiling the Success of CREST Campaign

Marina Kazakova, VSE: Thank you, Maher, for joining us today in our #InConversationWith article series. Before we delve into the discussion, please, introduce yourself and the outstanding campaign your agency has recently conducted for the CREST project.

Maher Rekik, Elastik: Certainly, and thank you for having me. I’m Maher, Founder and Head of Strategy at the creative agency Elastik. I’m delighted to be here and excited to discuss the CREST campaign, which was part of an exceptional project that aimed to empower law enforcement agencies with a cutting-edge IoT-enabled ecosystem of advanced intelligence, operations, and investigation technologies. It’s a remarkable endeavour aimed at enhancing their capabilities in the relentless fight against crime and terrorism.

Marina Kazakova, VSE: Could you please provide some insights into the inception of the CREST campaign and its main goals?

Maher Rekik, Elastik: Of course. The CREST campaign had a deep-seated mission stemming from our collaboration with Victim Support Europe and other project partners. It aimed to address the critical need for public awareness and education on terrorism preparedness. We knew that in order to achieve the overarching objective of improving LEAs’ capabilities, we had to first raise awareness among the general public.

To achieve this, we employed a meticulous multi-channel activation approach, segmenting our target audience based on their behavioural profiles, with a focus on urban environments. Our primary objective was to tailor our message effectively and provide comprehensive resources through a dedicated website platform and interactive quizzes.

Marina Kazakova, VSE: The campaign’s tagline, “This is not a pot,” is quite unique. Can you explain its significance and how it contributed to the campaign’s success?

Maher Rekik, Elastik: Certainly. The tagline, “This is not a pot,” was a deliberate choice and a reference to Magritte’s famous painting. This analogy was designed to encourage our audience to think beyond the obvious, thereby increasing engagement. We also created personalised point-of-view videos that offered practical safety tips through relatable scenarios, further enhancing audience engagement.

From our perspective, working alongside Victim Support Europe and the CREST project partners was invaluable in crafting this unique approach. Their expertise and insights played a crucial role in developing a campaign that resonated with the public while aligning with the broader objectives of enhancing LEAs’ capabilities.

Marina Kazakova, VSE: Reflecting on the campaign’s implementation, what positive changes did you observe, and what impact did it have?

Maher Rekik, Elastik: The campaign had a significant impact on raising awareness and engaging the audience on the topic of terrorism preparedness. The tagline resonated particularly well on social media, sparking conversations and interactions that exceeded our expectations. In terms of numbers, the campaign reached over 611,000 individuals across various channels. We saw remarkable engagement rates, with thousands of clicks and interactions on social media, along with an average session duration of 1 minute and 40 seconds on the website.

Marina Kazakova, VSE: That’s impressive. Do you have any advice for non-profits planning similar campaigns?

Maher Rekik, Elastik: Absolutely. For non-profits planning campaigns, my advice would be to deeply understand your target audience, craft a message that resonates with them, and leverage multi-channel strategies for maximum impact. Engaging with partners who share your mission and objectives can be invaluable, as it allows you to tap into their expertise and resources. It’s crucial to continually monitor and adapt your approach based on data insights to ensure your campaign’s success and the achievement of your broader objectives.

Marina Kazakova, VSE: Thank you, Maher, for sharing these valuable insights with us and shedding light on the success of the CREST campaign.

Maher Rekik, Elastik: It’s been a pleasure to discuss the campaign and our collaborative journey with you. I hope these insights are helpful to others in the non-profit sector, emphasising the importance of partnerships and aligned objectives. Thank you again for the opportunity.

Our interview series ‘In Conversation With’ see’s victims’ rights visionaries, innovators and disruptors take the hot seat.
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