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victim support services in Greece

In Greece, victim support services are provided by both governmental authorities and nongovernmental organisations. Specialist support services are available to certain categories of victims of crime, such as victims of gender-based violence, victims of hate crimes, victims of human trafficking, and victims of terrorism. Specialist services are also available to child victims of crime and abuse.

Specialist services, depending on the organisation, can provide some or all of the following services: information and advice, counselling and/or psychological support, legal aid, and accommodation (shelters). Medical care and reintegration support, coordinated by the National Centre for Social Solidarity, are also available to victims of human trafficking. Tailored information, and advice, for victims of terrorism is provided by the Office for Victims of Terrorism (Greek Ministry for Citizen Protection).




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Some of the available services

The Network of Counselling Centres

The Network of Counselling Centres, coordinated by the General Secretariat for Demography and Family Planning and Gender Equality, brings together 61 centres dealing with victims of all forms of gender-based violence (such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, human trafficking), 27 counselling centres, 18 shelters, and 2 host houses. Their phone line 15 900 operates 24/7.

Smile of the Child

Smile of the Child is a non-governmental organisation providing information and support to child victims of violence and abuse. They offer accommodation and material assistance, they carry out prevention / awareness-raising and direct intervention activities, including those for missing children. Their phone line 1056 operates 24/7.

Victims of Hate Crimes

Victims of hate crimes can benefit from special reporting and counselling services across the country.
For example, victims can directly report a crime to the dedicated number: 11414 (available 24/7), run by the Greek Police.

Rights of victims of crime in Greece

Victims of crime have a set of rights which they can exercise in order to meet their needs and defend their interests and expectations. Victims have, amongst others, right to information, protection and compensation. These rights are set out not only in Greek national laws but also in international legal instruments, such as the European Union Directive which establishes minimum standards on the rights, support, and protection of victims of crime.

Learn more about your rights at:

Useful resources for victims of crime in Greece

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