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victim support services in Lithuania

In Lithuania, every victim of crime has a right to receive comprehensive support, encompassing victim-centric emotional, legal, technical, and other (practical, financial, etc.) assistance.

Victim Support Services provide information on the rights of victims and services relevant to the victims’ recovery., They provide or organise emotional support and psychological counselling, legal aid and representation, temporary accommodation, if necessary, and assistance in dealing with other problems faced by victims of crime




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Some of the available services include

Victims of Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, the Specialised Complex Support Centres (SKPC) provide information, support and assistance; a list of the centres can be found on SKPC’s website. The SKPC can be contacted by phone (870055516), live chat (SKPC website) or in-person at their premises.

Victims of Human Trafficking

If you are a victim of human trafficking, several non-governmental organisations offer information, support and assistance. A list of organisations is available on the website of the National Association against Trafficking in Human Beings.

Child Victims of Crime

Specific assistance and support for child victims of crime is provided by the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service. A list of their regional divisions is provided on their website.

The Centre for Crime Prevention in Lithuania

If you wish to know more about your rights, please contact the Centre for Crime Prevention in Lithuania (Pagalba nusikaltimu aukoms). You should keep in mind that every crime victim has a right to receive support free of charge, irrespective of whether the crime suffered was reported to the police or not.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security and Labour

For other crimes, a list of services and providers is available on the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security and Labour. First-contact authorities (police, public prosecution service, courts, health care and educational institutions, etc.) are legally obliged to refer your case to a victim support service, if you wish. In that case, you will be directly contacted by victim support services.

Victim support helpline & support at a distance

Specialised Complex Support Centres

Specialised Complex Support Centres’ (SKPC’s) helpline for victims of domestic violence (Mondays-Fridays, 8:00-20.00): 870055516

Legal and Criminal Advice for Victims of Crime

Legal and criminal advice for victims of crime (Mondays-Fridays, 16:00-20.00), +37065511223

Rights of victims of crime in Lithuania

Victims of crime have a set of rights which they can exercise to meet their needs and defend their interests and expectations. Victims have, amongst others, the right to information, legal advice, and victim support services.

These rights are set out not only in Lithuanian national laws but also in European legal instruments, such as the European Union Directive which establishes the minimum standards on the rights, supports, and protection of victims of crime.

Learn more about your rights at:

Useful resources for victims of crime in Lithuania (Human Rights Monitoring Institute)

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Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour

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Report an Incident (Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior)

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Specialised Complex Support Centres (for victims of domestic violence)

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Ministry of Justice

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Receiving support is
your right!

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