The Cross-border Justice Directive

Council Directive 2002/8/EC of 27 January 2003 to improve access to justice in cross-border disputes by establishing minimum common rules relating to legal aid for such disputes

The main purpose of this Directive is to guarantee an adequate level of legal aid in cross-border disputes by laying down certain minimum common standards relating to legal aid in such disputes. This Directive applies in cross-border disputes, to civil and commercial matters. All persons involved in a civil or commercial dispute within the scope of this Directive must be able to assert their rights in the courts even if their personal financial situation makes it impossible for them to bear the costs of the proceedings. Legal aid is regarded as appropriate when it allows the recipient effective access to justice under the conditions laid down in this Directive.

Institution: Council of Europe
Type of document: Agreement
Year: 2019
Topic: Cross-border disputes
Type of victim: All victims of crime, Cross-border victims