Asociación Nacional de Víctimas de Delitos Violentos (A.N.V.D.V)

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The Association for the Support of Victims of Crime (ANVDV) is a non-profit entity, founded in 1996, by a group of lawyers sensitized to the lack of recognized rights of victims, with respect to the rights of aggressors. The purpose of this association is to claim and defend the rights of victims of violent crime.

Our Association is made up of Victims, Lawyers, Psychologists and all those interested in violence prevention and comprehensive assistance to the victims it generates.

Our purposes are the defense, support, help, representation, assistance, information and advice to the direct or indirect victims of violent criminal acts, against humanity or against sexual freedom, that cause physical, moral or psychological harm to their people or damage to your assets or rights. Whether the victims are associated or not.

In addition, to urge the competent authorities to make the appropriate legislative changes so that a prompt and effective Justice can be done; so that the rights of the victims are respected, they are compensated and socially recovered. Demand strict compliance with current legislation, as well as full compliance with penalties and convictions, provided that the offender has not been rehabilitated and reinserted into society and poses a danger to citizen security.

ANVDV supports not only the direct victim of the assault but also their relatives. We can help you whether or not the crime has been reported. The aggression suffered does not have to be recent, you can come to us days, weeks, months or even years later. If you have been the victim of a crime, you can contact us for psychological support or legal advice.


Calle Enrique Larreta 9, Entreplanta 2. 28036- Madrid, Spain


Associate Member

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