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Victim Support Sweden is a non-profit organization that works for the right of all victims to receive the support needed to regain power. The basis of our work is the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, which establishes the equal value and rights of all people.

The crime victim record Sweden’s organization number is 815600-8784.

-Local calls in Sweden

Crime victims’ call consists of local calls around the country, a federal office and a national support line that is free to call. With hundreds of volunteers who undergo training, we support every victim, witness and relative who seek us, by listening, giving support and good advice. Every year, there are over a hundred thousand meetings with people who right then and there may not have anyone else to turn to. Often this becomes the turning point for them.

-Support for contacts with authorities

If necessary, the victim can receive support from contacts with relief agencies that can provide, for example, psychological assistance, sheltered housing or financial support. It can be nice to get help with government contacts and good to get information about the right to compensation.

-Guidance in the legal process

The support person also provides guidance in the criminal proceedings. Trained witness support provides information on how the trial is proceeding and provides support in connection with the trial. The victim and the witness need not meet the accused alone.


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