Victim Support Agency

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The Victim Support Agency was established under LN418 of 2020 and entrusted to ensure that Victims Support Services are run, managed and provided in terms of the existing and approved standards from time to time.

The Victim Support Agency provides the necessary support and assistance to victim, including

– Conducting individual assessments of victims and providing for Emotional Support.

– Information and follow-up about their cases.

– Guidance about what to expect in court.

– Accompanying victims in Court.

– Information about the release of offenders from prison.

– Raising awareness and advocate for victims’ rights to encourage other victims to report and seek support.

– Reaching out to victims to help them feel safe, process their traumatic experience and restore their former quality of life.

– Promoting a multidisciplinary, multiagency approach to maintain the holistic wellbeing of victims whilst ensuring continuity of services.


52, Old Theatre Street - Valletta - Malta


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