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The 1st ever International Conference & Summit on Stalking

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April 20, 2021 All Day

Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 April 2021

Calling all professionals and practitioners who work with victims of stalking; employer organisations; HR and staff care professionals; academics, researchers; students and policymakers.

Please find below the flyer to Save the Date for the first-ever International Conference & Summit on Stalking.  This is organised by Action Against Stalking and the University of the West of Scotland to launch their ground-breaking Centre for Action Against Stalking, the International centre against abusive and harmful behaviours.

1 in 6 people can experience stalking in a 12-month period. It can affect people of any age, ethnicity, and gender. Victims can suffer mental and physical ill-health, have their personal and working life destroyed.

Stalking may escalate to physical assault, sexual assault, and/or even murder. Forms of stalking include rape/sexual exploitation, domestic/child abuse, racial/hate crimes, harassment, bullying. Cyber-stalking is rapidly increasing, exacerbated by Covid restrictions

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