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Pledge for Candidates in the EU Elections 2024

Leave No Victim Behind: Building Safe, Cohesive and Resilient Societies


I pledge, if elected to be a Member of the European Parliament, to promote victims’ rights and help build an inclusive future for all victims of crime in the European Union (EU). 

I also commit to helping achieve the goals of the VSE Manifesto on the European Elections 2024, notably by ensuring that: 

–  Victims are included and at the centre of the EU response to crime, security and justice and reflected across all EU Policies including on mental health, education, economy, digitalisation and global affairs; 

–  Victims are effectively and adequately supported, by ensuring that Member States put in place national frameworks for comprehensive support and safe justice systems; 

–  Robust legislation and policies for all victims of crime are introduced at EU level and are fully implemented by Member States; 

–  Sufficient and appropriate EU budget is foreseen for efforts that affect all victims of crime

To sign the pledge, please download the below form and return via email to



Every year around 75 million people in the EU – 15% percent of its citizens – suffer serious crimes. Murder, sexual violence, domestic violence, hate crime, online crime, terrorism, assaults and more. 

Crime can, and often does, destroy people’s lives. Its impact on victims affects our economies, overloads our health systems, damages the futures of our children and contributes to an increasingly divided society. Unsurprisingly, even as we face serious economic, environmental and international challenges, crime remains a high priority for citizens – above unemployment, health and taxes (standard Eurobarometer 100, 2023) 

You may not be able to prevent every crime, but you can dramatically reduce the suffering it causes. You can have a direct, concrete impact on citizens lives by ensuring they are properly supported after a crime. Your support for victims’ rights and services will ensure they have a voice, they can come forward and report a crime – no matter if they are a child abused in their home or in an institution, a person with disability or an elderly person, homeless people, trafficked people, a mother whose son was murdered; no matter who the victim, you can change how they are treated and transform their recovery. 

To do this, we are simply asking you to commit to victims – to include victims’ rights in your priorities because it not only benefits every victim, it also contributes to building strong, resilient and cohesive societies in a time where conflict surrounds us. Your support for victims will help deliver better education and health systems, improve employment and economic outcomes, and will aid upholding EU fundamental rights. Victims’ rights and services are at the foundation of healthy and strong societies – we hope you will support us in making this a reality. 



Saskia Bricmont – Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance


Alkis Papis – Movement of Ecologists – Citizens’ Cooperation

Anna Theologou – Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)

Andros Karayiannis – Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)

Giorgos Georgiou – The Left in the European Parliament/Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)

Melanie Steliou – Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)

Niyazi Kızılyürek – Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)

Stavri Kalopsidiotou – Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)


Merja Kyllönen – The Left in the European Parliament/Left Alliance

Sirpa Pietikäinen – European People’s Party/Christian Democrats


Kenza Athanasopoulos – Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats/Place Publique

Sven Franck – Volt France (with the coalition Europe-Territoires-Écologie)


Maria Noichl – Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament/Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands


Ciarán Cuffe – European Free Alliance/Green Party

Grace O’Sullivan – European Free Alliance/Green Party

Luke Ming Flanagan – The Left in the European Parliament/Independent


Luis Fazendeiro – The Left in the European Parliament/Bloco de Esquerda

Maria Norberta de Abreu Ferreira Grilo – The Left in the European Parliament/Bloco de Esquerda

Pedro Fidalgo Marques – Pessoas Animais Natureza (PAN)

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