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We Are Victim Support Europe

Victim Support Europe (VSE) is the leading European umbrella organisation advocating on behalf of all victims of crime, no matter what the crime, no matter who the victim is.

VSE represents 58 national member organisations, providing support and information services to more than 2 million people affected by crime every year in 30 countries.

"Together we act as the voice of victims."

Founded in 1990, VSE has been working for almost 30 years for a Europe, and a world, where all victims have strong victims’ rights and services, whether they report the crime or not.

We work towards this mission through advocacy to improve EU and international laws, through research and knowledge development and through capacity building at the national and local level.

Our Mission


The Voice of Victims in Europe


Strengthening the rights and services for all victims of crime in Europe.

Victim Support Europe promotes the establishment and development of victim rights and services throughout Europe. The organisation aims to ensure that every victim in Europe is able to access information and support services in the aftermath of crime, regardless of where the victim lives or where the crime took place.

Victim Support Europe also works to ensure that victims are respected, have access to strong rights and are able to make their voice heard throughout the criminal justice process.

Our Values

Victim Support Europe is committed to working to the highest ethical standards to improve the situation for victims of crime in Europe. We believe all victims are entitled to support and assistance in the aftermath of crime, regardless of whether or not the crime is reported to the police. We support the development of victim support services that are:

  • free of charge
  • confidential
  • victim-centred
  • independent
  • accessible throughout Europe
  • tailored to meet the individual needs of the victim
  • delivered by trained and qualified staff/volunteers

We believe victims should have access to strong, independent rights throughout the criminal justice system and in wider society. In our advocacy work, we prioritise:

  • strong rights for all victims of crime
  • equal access to rights across Europe
  • cross-border cooperation to ensure that people victimised abroad can access rights and services in their home country
  • introduction of measurable standards and accreditation, monitoring fulfilment of victims’ rights

Please access here the VSE constitution.

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