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Breaking Barriers

The Breaking Barriers project aims to develop a victim-centric approach to the Canadian Ontario Provincial Police’s (OPP’s) response to and engagement with victims and survivors of human trafficking. To achieve this goal, the project focuses on identifying and gaining a better understanding of the needs of trafficking victims and supporting a better access to wraparound community supports.

This pilot project will be implemented in each one of Ontario’s five regions: North East, North West, East, West and Central.


Canadian Ontario Provincial Police’s (OPP’s)

Objectives of the project

  • Reduce barriers and improve access to wraparound support services for victims/survivors of trafficking
  • Enhance knowledge of the needs of victims/survivors of trafficking
  • Enhance relationships with community partners to improve referrals and identify gaps in support services
  • Enhance and improve trauma-informed and victim-centred approaches used by the police
  • Introduce victim’s needs assessment for victim/survivors of trafficking
  • Enhance the understanding of serious and organised crime issues and the needs of victims/survivors amongst policy makers

Activities under the project

  • Identification of international best practices in empowering victims of trafficking
  • Mapping community support services
  • Multi Agency Working Groups (MAWG) to identify specific challenges and supports in each community
  • Developing a Victim Needs Assessment
  • Training of front line officers, including victim-centred/trauma training, in each region
  • Dissemination of the project’s outcomes

Expected project results

  • Identifying international best practices in empowering victims/survivors of trafficking
  • Mapping of community support services
  • Development and utilisation of a trafficking needs assessment
  • Training of front line officers on trauma-informed and victim-centred approaches
  • Dissemination of knowledge and tools to support victims/survivors of trafficking to access wraparound services.

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