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Exchanging good practices on restorative justice and promoting the victims’ rights protection

Erasmus +

Coordinated by: “WELCOME” Association for Social Promotion (IT)

Partners: Victim Support Europe (BE); Association “Spondé” ONLUS (IT); European Forum for Restorative Justice (BE); “Mediante” Agency for criminal mediation (BE); Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima – APAV (PT); Universitat de Barcelona (ES); Waage Hannover e.V (DE)

PROTECT aims at promoting the respect of the victims’ rights through the implementation of restorative practices paths. In doing this, the project intends to improve the skills and competences of the trainers/operators of the victim’s support organizations involved in the project. The objective is to facilitate the implementation of restorative justice paths, spreading the meaning of reparation and promoting the assumption of responsible attitudes towards victims, society, and community rules.

Access the project’s website here.

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