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The ultimate objective of the project is to assist the Serbian Government, as part of its accession process, to develop a national system of victim support services which comply with EU Directive 2012/29 EU.

The project builds on findings and recommendations presented in the Analysis of victims’ rights and services in Serbia and their alignment with EU Directive 2012/29/EU. This analysis focused on 5 key elements of the Victims’Rights Directive and was done in the framework of the development of Serbia’s victim’s rights system as part of its Accession process, order to comply with the EU Directive and other relevant EU legislation to complete Chapter 23.

This project will assist in the development of Victim Support in Serbia, namely through a network of NGO’s. Based on the former analysis with key stakeholders in Serbia the development of a network of NGO’s was put forward as the optimal strategy for Serbia.

In line with these findings the current project will provide:

  1. Overview of existing victim support services in Serbia
  2. Analysis and detailed description of organizational structures of existing victim support networks
  3. Analysis of funding mechanisms for victim support services.
  4. Analysis of legislation, policy documents and practice guidelines relevant to the responsibilities of Serbian police when dealing with victims of crime.

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