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Frida Wheldon

Executive Board Member
Brottsofferjouren Sverige, Sweden

Frida Wheldon is a lawyer focused on international criminal law and international human rights. She also has 15 years’ experience advocating for stronger rights for victims and working to improve strategies and service delivery to victims and witnesses of crime, nationally and internationally. Frida has worked in several different victim support organisations, including as a Policy Executive in Victim Support Scotland and Director of Policy in Victim Support Europe. In 2017, Ms. Wheldon became the first Executive Director for Victim Support Asia and has been instrumental in its formation and development. Victim Support Asia is a network of victim support services and experts set up to promote the establishment and development of victim rights and services throughout Asia. Frida currently serves as Development Director for Legal Affairs within Victim Support Sweden, where she oversees the Witness Service available in 54 criminal courts. She is a member of the International Network for Victims of Terrorism and Mass Violence (INVICTM), the EU Centre of Expertise for Victims of Terrorism and the Executive Board of Victim Support Asia.

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