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Petra Klein

Vice President
Weisser Ring, Germany

Petra Klein has been a member of the board of Weisser Ring Germany since 2010 and has been in charge of Weisser Ring Germany’s branch office in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony since 2009.

Petra’s professional qualifications:

Petra Klein retired from her position as police detective chief superintendent in 2008 due to poor health resulting from an accident suffered while on duty.
As the head of a police negotiation team until 2008, she resolved cases involving hostage taking, kidnapping, blackmail, and threat management in cooperation with international agencies.
Until 2000, she worked in a special department of the police active in the field of sexual offenses.
From 2000 – 2008, Petra Klein was the contact person on issues relating to domestic violence for the police in northwestern Germany.

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