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Our Strategy for 2012-2015

The strategic priorities of Victim Support Europe to 2012-2015 are to:

Promote and coordinate the development of quality services for victims of crime throughout Europe

Victim Support Europe aims to assist the development of victim support services in all European countries. We exchange experiences, best practice and information between our member organisations in order to improve the quality of service delivery to victims of crime.

Furthermore, Victim Support Europe coordinates cross-border referrals between our member organisations, to ensure that victims are able to access support services in their own countries, regardless of where the crime took place.

To meet this strategic priority in 2012-2015, we will:

  • support the development of new and existing Victim Support Europe member organisations, helping to ensure that people affected by crime can access support and information services in the aftermath of crime
  • develop the exchange of information, best practice and good models for service delivery among Victim Support Europe’s member organisations
  • develop closer networks and cross-border capacity of Victim Support Europe’s member organisations
  • improve operational capacity of Victim Support Europe
  • strengthen Victim Support Europe’s identity, both internally and externally

Advocate and represent the rights of victims of crime in Europe

Victim Support Europe advocates on behalf of victims, to strengthen their rights and legal protection throughout Europe.

We work with the European Institutions, EU Member States, external networks, agencies and partner organisations to raise awareness and share information relating to victims’ needs. Victim Support Europe provides expert advice relating to development and implementation of victims’ rights legislation and public policies.

We also actively promote activities and amendments to improve the compatibility of rules and legislation within EU Member States in relation to victims of crime, to improve judicial cooperation and reduce legal obstacles in delivering justice for victims.

To meet this strategic priority in 2012-2015, we will:

  • raise awareness regarding the needs and interests of victims and witnesses of crime in Europe
  • extend our networks with external criminal justice agencies, European countries and other interested parties working with victim and witnesses of crime
  • contribute to strengthening the legal protection for victims in Europe by assisting in the development and implementation of the EU Directive establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime and any other applicable legislation such as the EU Directive relating to compensation to crime victims and the Council of Europe Recommendation on assistance to crime victims
  • help to monitor victims’ ability to access their rights and services
  • work with external partner agencies to highlight the main priorities for victims and witnesses of crime and to promote cooperation in service delivery

To access the full document of Victim Support Europe Strategy just follow the link.

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