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Autumn news from ‘Law and Internet Foundation’, Bulgaria

Law and Internet Foundation (LIF) has recently joined VSE. Our team is really excited and honoured to be part of that successful and expanding network. We are committed to working together with VSE and its members towards strengthening the rights and services for all victims of crime in Europe and beyond. Currently, we are implementing more than 10 EU projects under different programmes (JUSTICE, CERV, Horizon, ISFP, EDF and Erasmus+).

Our core expertise lays down in carrying out legal research and analyses, ethics reviews in the process of development and implementation of project enhancing fundamental rights, facilitating ICTs uptake and piloting novel solutions. Moreover, LIF provides consultancy and delivers dedicated trainings and capacity building activities in the field of legal, technological, and social issues related to the use of information and communication technologies both in public and private sector. In particular, when it comes to ensuring victims rights, we have solid experience with child victims of crime and victims of trafficking (specifically women and children).


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