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Victimology Society of Serbia – 20th anniversary

By January 8, 2018February 1st, 2021News from members
Victimology Society of Serbia celebrated 20 years of existence

The ceremony took place on November 29th, 2017 in Belgrade’s City Hall.
 In its twenty years of existence, VDS initiated numerous new programs important for the improvement of victims’ rights in Serbia such as: the first Serbian academic journal  on victimization, human rights and gender Temida; Proposing changes the laws and practices related to domestic violence, sexual violence and trafficking in people; Including data on victims in the official judiciary statistics; Raising social visibility of crime victims; Establishment of the first general victim support service in Serbia; Including victimology as a separate subject on the faculties in Serbia etc. VDS published 12 books in the field of victimology. Since its establishment several thousands of citizens approached VDS for assistance and support. It organized 13 conferences, out of which is prestige Victim support Europe annual conference.
Since 2010, VDS has organized annual conferences, which presented an opportunity for constructive discussion, comprehensive exchange and linking different experiences and knowledge of professionals and researchers, who deal with victims’ issues both theoretically and practically and from the perspective of different declines.
On the ceremony VDS delivered the Victimology Society of Serbia Awards for 2017. More about awards and this years winners you could find on following link:
On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary Victimology Society of Serbia awarded
Charters of Appreciation for the contribution to the development of the Victimology Society of Serbia and improvement of victims’ rights. More about awarded to members of the VDS, individuals who are not members of the VDS and institutions and organizations you could find on
Short film about 20 years of existing and work of the Victimology Society of Serbia you could find on:
On the same occasion VDS published the new book entitled Victimology Society of Serbia: 20 years standing for rights of all victims
During November and December 2017 on occasion of the 16 days of combating against violence, VDS lunched campaign entitled We do not allow women victims of violence stay alone!
The overall goal of the campaign was to empower women victims of gender-based violence and violence in the workplace to seek help, with specific objectives being informing women of the available services, the dynamics of violence, the manner of reporting criminal offenses and the criminal procedure, as well as informing the general public about the dynamics violence and possible preventive actions. The campaign was realized through the following activities:
Support and assistance to women victims of violence; Informing the public about the services for victims and the distribution of information material; Informing the citizens about the services available through social networks – During the 16 days of activism, 16 posts were posted on social networks aimed at: Informing the public about activities during the campaign, Raising public awareness of the importance of preventing violence against women; Raising public awareness of the dynamics and consequences that violence leaves on the victims; Empowering victims to ask for the help; Raising visibility of existing services for women victims of violence. All activities were followed by slogan: We do not allow women victims of violence stay alone!

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