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6th Annual Conference of the Victimology Society of Serbia, 26-27 November 2015, Belgrade

By July 2, 2015February 1st, 2021News

The Sixth Annual Conference of the Victimology Society of Serbia “New trends in victimology theory and practice: Dilemmas and challenges in protecting victims” will be held in Palace Hotel in Belgrade on 26th and 27th November 2015
The conference aims to bring together experts and researchers, who deal both theoretically and practically and from the perspective of different disciplines with victims’ rights and provide assistance to victims of violence and other forms of crime, and to enable a comprehensive exchange of experience and knowledge. Within the main conference topic, the emerging trends in the victimological theory and practice will be examined, as well as the dilemmas and challenges faced by practitioners.
This year’s conference is organized in the year marking three decades since the adoption of the United Nations’ Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power, which set forth the fundamental rights of victims of crime. It is a good moment to pause and re-consider whether and to what extent the rights of victims of crime were improved, what is the position of victims within and outside of the criminal proceedings, and whether and to what extent are the victim support programs available, effective and sufficient. During the conference, participants will share their experiences in implementing standards set forth in the UN Declaration and other international and European documents regarding the rights and position of victims of crime in different countries, and point out to directions of further reforms of legislation and practice in order to ensure adequate protection of victims. Exchange of experiences at the conference should also contribute to further work on the harmonization of national legislation and policy of the Republic of Serbia with the EU acquis and standards in the context of Serbia’s accession negotiations with the European Union.
Please find more information about the conference and the registration here:
Call for VI annual conference of VDS_2015
Registration form and conference fee_2015
Abstracts can be submitted to until 1 October 2015. Please find the full details here: VDS call for abstracts_2015

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