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VSE Manifesto for the European Parliament elections 2019

By April 12, 2019February 1st, 2021News

Dear VSE Members, Partners and Supporters

We produced the VSE Manifesto for the European Parliament elections – to be held between 23 and 26 May 2019. This means that we have 6 weeks to work around the demands contained in this ‘wish list’ for the next Parliamentary term.

Below you will find a number of ways to promote this user friendly, five-page manifesto:
• Feel free to translate the VSE Manifesto into your national language/s so that its messages are easier to promote at a national level.
• Feature and link it up in your website, newsletter or regular communications channels.
• You can post the Manifesto visuals into your website, social media, blog etc.
• Hand over the Manifesto to: (1) the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) candidates of your country; (2) national parties; (3) relevant national authorities; and (4) at external meetings where you see it fit.
• If there is scope to, make a reference to the manifesto into your public statements and media articles.
Social media
• In Twitter, use the hashtag #VSEmanifesto along with #EP2019 (the election’s one) and #MakeVictimsRightsaReality to tag your messages about the Manifesto. Use @VictimSupportEU to address us directly.
• Promote the manifesto in Facebook.
If you need any support to promote the VSE Election Manifesto or have a proposal, please contact Marina Kazakova at .
Download the MANIFESTO in editable Word format
Download the MANIFESTO in pdf format
Download the MANIFESTO’s VISUAL 1
Download the MANIFESTO’s VISUAL 2

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