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January Update from The Crime Victims Support Association (ANVDV)

By January 12, 2020February 1st, 2021News, News from members

Dear Colleagues

In Spain we follow a process of breaking social peace, confrontations and polarisation due to the boom of Catalan independence movement. The Catalan independence movement, which has a lot of support in some European sectors and mass media, not in the bosom European Union, nor in the European Commission. The movement it is the result of a long process, born down a historical distortion, a false history, as if Catalonia were a colonised country; We are facing “fake news” in which Catalan children have been indoctrinated for generations, forcing them to learn and speak only in Catalan, not Spanish. Now we are paying such irrational permissiveness.

It is good to remember that Catalan independentism charges an unusual virulence when Catalan leaders are persecuted for corruption and money laundering, since it has been shown that they had taken billions of euros out of the country, mainly to the banks of Andorra. These corrupt leaders, to defend themselves and as a “smoke screen”, undertake an illegal referendum.

Behind the Catalan independence movement there is a lot of intolerance towards the Spanish; there are racism and supremacism.

The conclusions of the first report made by the Civic Observatory of Political Violence in Catalonia leaves no doubt. Political violence is common in the Catalan autonomous community and, in an overwhelming 91.5% of cases, by supporters of the separation of Catalonia. Violence driven by “hispanophobic” feelings. That is, by xenophobia. According to the Observatory, the most attacked party in Catalonia is Citizens. The least, the CUP.

The report was presented recently by the president of Impulso Ciudadano, Mr. José Domingo, and by the president of the Movement Against Intolerance, Mr. Esteban Ibarra, the two entities responsible for the creation of the Civic Observatory of Political Violence in Catalonia. Next to them was the coordinator of the Observatory, Mr. Ángel Puertas, and the vice president of Impulso Ciudadano, Mr. Rafael Arenas.

The Crime Victims Support Association (ANVDV) regularly collaborates with the Movement against Intolerance and has recently signed a manifesto in favour of social peace, for coexistence, and against intolerant behaviour.

The first of the reports, which will be semi-annual, collects information on the first six months of 2019. According to the study, there have been 189 acts of political violence in Catalonia from January 1 to June 30, 2019. Of those 189 violent acts, 173 “have direct or indirect origin in supporters of the separation of Catalonia, representing 91.5% of the total cases detected.

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