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A Guide for individual evaluation of victims (EVVI) now available

By July 27, 2015February 1st, 2021News

A guide on individual evaluation of victims of crime(EVVI) has recently been published EVVI Guide English.
The objective of the EVVI project was to propose good practices that can be used in different member states to ensure a uniform application of the minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime (EU Directive 2012/29/UE). The EVVI project sought to facilitate the transposition of this directive in the different EU member states, focusing on article 22 on individual assessment.
EVVI proposes an individual assessment consisting of two parts. A general evaluation to assess the victim’s personal characteristics, personal vulnerability and the risks and fear of harm. The second part is a more detailed evaluation to determine the level of risk faced by the victim and whether and to what extent the victim should benefit from special measures in the course of criminal proceedings, for those victims highlighted as at a greater risk of repeat or second victimisation, of intimidation or retaliation.
The questionnaire and the guide of good practices were developed to ensure that every victim receives assessment of their specific protection needs and, if required, benefits from special measures in the course of criminal proceedings in light of their particular vulnerability to secondary and repeat victimisation, intimidation and retaliation, no matter where they find themselves in Europe or where they come from.
The guide is also available here:
Spanish, Portugese, French and Polish versions of the guide are also available.

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