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AGE Platform Europe: let's protect also the victims of elder abuse!

By March 1, 2017February 1st, 2021News

On the occasion of the European Day for Victims of Crime, AGE Platform Europe published a position paper on the protection of victims of elder abuse, stressing the importance of using the process of implementation of this Directive to improve the protection of older persons who have suffered abuse, violence and maltreatment.
AGE’s work around elder abuse has focused on prevention, calling for a rights-based approach to the care of older persons in need of assistance and support. The European Charter of the rights and responsibilities of older people in need of long-term care and assistance and the European Quality Framework for long-term care services remain our key reference documents in calling for older persons in need of care to be treated as rights holders, whose dignity and well-being need to be preserved.
With the position paper  AGE moves forward in addressing elder abuse once it has taken place – both at home/in the community and in care settings. The paper reflects the views of AGE members and builds on the knowledge gathered by AGE in the last years.
AGE also announces an organisation of a workshop on the support and protection for older persons who have suffered abuse, in order to facilitate the exchange of information between AGE members (organisations of and for older persons), victim support organisations as well as policymakers and officials responsible for the implementation of the 2012 European Union Directive on Victims’ Rights.
For more information, you may contact Borja Arrue Astrain, AGE Project and Policy Officer responsible for long-term care and elder abuse,

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