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Amber Alert Europe launches videos on topics related to missing children

By July 19, 2016February 1st, 2021News

Amber Alert Europe launched a prevention campaign with interesting videos for parents and caregivers on issues with information and tips for parents on issues related to missing children.
One video provides tips for parents on how to prevent their children from going missing during the holidays. It is available in EnglishCzech , Dutch , Estonian,  German,  GreekPolish, RomanianSerbian and Slovak

A second video concerns information and tips on what to do when your child goes missing. It is also available in EnglishCzechDutchEnglish (UK)EstonianGerman, GreekItalianPolishRomanianSerbianSlovak.

The following videos were specially developed by Amber Alert Europe, in the framework of our strong partnership, on How to Prevent your child from going missing? And What to do when your child is Missing?
Watch the great videos and share with parents and children!

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