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Announcing VSE's New Deputy Director

By August 6, 2018February 1st, 2021News, Publications

Announcing Our New Deputy Director:
Aleksandra Ivankovic

We are delighted to announce that Aleksandra Ivankovic, previously Project Manager of Victim Support Europe, has been appointed as our new Deputy Director.

Aleksandra is a widely respected human rights lawyer with a passion for justice and equality for all. She has supported several international organisations, governments and NGOs and has developed her capacities in this field of rights of women and persons with disabilities, linking her work with some key human rights agencies and procedures.

Aleksandra voiced her enthusiasm: “It’s great to continue as Deputy Director at this exciting time in VSE’s evolution. I’ve greatly enjoyed the challenge of developing and running our projects since joining the team, but am now thrilled at the prospect of having a closer involvement inVSE’s continuing development.

With my legal and human rights background, I’m hoping to bring some aspects of strategic litigation into VSE. This year we are already working on some elements, but hopefully we’ll do a bit more soon. Given my expertise in working with vulnerable groups, I’m going to make sure that our work will increasingly become accessible for persons with disabilities and, in general, that our work reflects a commitment to mainstreaming interests and needs of the most vulnerable into everything we do.

We’ve been growing in a steady pace in the past few years and while growth is important and generally a good development for the organisation, it needs to be carefully managed not to create a bubble that might burst unexpectedly. This job will not be easy, but with the great commitment we have from our members and our Board, I’m sure that we’ll be only getting better as we get bigger”.

This new post reflects VSE’s phenomenal growth. In September, we are going to announce our extended Board, enlarged Brussels Office Team and new members – and, of course, we are working on some exciting new potential initiatives and collaborations. We are very happy to welcome our new Deputy Director, whose work complements those in VSE brilliantly.

P.S. An extended interview with Aleksandra will follow shortly. Stay tuned!

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