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Autumn News from Victim Support Netherlands

By October 18, 2019February 1st, 2021News, News from members

Annual target 2019 Victim Support Netherlands already achieved before summer
The online service objective of Victim Support Netherlands – agreed with the Ministry of Justice and Security in the Netherlands – was achieved before the summer. In less than six months, Victim Support Netherlands already reached this milestone. It shows that we can call our new website a success.

New website

The new website of Victim Support Netherlands has been live for a year now. On this website we support victims and those involved in a process to cope with their experience. We provide them with practical information. Since this go-live, it is possible to measure how many services have been requested through our website. One online service is, for example, a referral to a chain partner, a successful referral to the online community or providing information on our website.

Tailored advice

By asking victims online what happened to them, we can provide tailor-made advice and redirect them to the right partner organisation. The online services are a good addition to what we offer victims on the phone and in conversation. The fact that we already reached our annual objective is good news, but of course this does not mean that we are going to sit back and relax now! In the coming months we will focus on expanding the services we offer through the website and measure the quality of it.

The online services team

Behind the scenes, many colleagues are optimizing, updating and expanding the website every day. The development of new online services is made possible by developers, information provision experts, content managers and communication consultants.

Victim Support Netherlands every week on national TV

From this fall, Victim support Netherlands will work together with the television program ‘Opsporing Verzocht’ (Investigation Requested). The program, which asks viewers to help solve crimes, has around 1 million viewers every week.

Reference to Victim Support

The vigorous images that appear in the TV program may have a strong effect on the viewers, especially when they have experienced a similar crime. ‘Opsporing Verzocht’ therefore regularly refers to the services that Victim Support Netherlands offers. In this way, victims end up in the right place immediately for emotional, practical and legal assistance. For example, employees of Victim Support Netherlands can offer viewers emotional and
practical help. In addition, people who participate in a reconstruction are alerted to the services of the organisation.

Strong images can evoke many emotions

Rosa Jansen, chairman of the board of Victim Support Netherlands, emphasizes the importance of working with ‘Opsporing Verzocht’: “We know from our experience that violent images of crimes can evoke many emotions and even re-experiences. It is good that ‘Opsporing Verzocht’ has an eye for this. Viewers who are in need of help as a result of the broadcast will be immediately in the right place, and we can put victims in contact with people who have had a similar experience. If we work this way, ‘Opsporing Verzocht’ is not only a program that solves crimes, but also takes care of viewers.

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