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Call for Contributions: Side Events at the 2024 VSE Annual Conference

The Call for Contributions for VSE’s Annual Conference Side Events is now open. The deadline for submitting your proposal is 10 January 2024.

VSE Annual Conference 2024 will take place in Zagreb from 22 – 23 May 2024 and will be co-organised in close cooperation with VSE member Victim and Witness Support Services Croatia. It will be a hybrid conference, and we hope to welcome victim support community and affiliated professionals from around the world both on-site, at the Hotel Antunovic Zagreb, and digitally.

“The Bridge Over Troubled Water” conference aspires to create a collaborative space where stakeholders from diverse sectors converge to celebrate achievements, address challenges, and forge pathways for a more resilient and victim-centred future. By aligning with the National Framework for Comprehensive Victim Support, the conference aims to contribute significantly to the enhancement of victim support services, recognising their profound impact on both individuals and society as a whole. Furthermore, the conference will uniquely approach its various aspects, including collaborative dynamics and challenges, through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring a comprehensive exploration of how each facet contributes to broader global sustainability objectives.

Acknowledging that victim support is as essential as healthcare, the conference emphasises the critical role it plays in fostering well-being and societal resilience. It underscores that the National Framework for Victim Support serves as a foundational cornerstone, providing the necessary structure and collaboration required to make victim support systems functioning effectively.

We are inviting inspiring and inspired speakers to contribute to our conference by conducting a side event:

  • A 1-1,5 hour workshop/presentation/educational game/masterclass – which, depending on the subject could be conducted by one presenter or split between two or three speakers

We welcome interactive and creative working methods. For example:

  • Debating session,
  • Short training or instruction sessions (introducing skills or tools),
  • Educational games or simulations (roleplaying, quiz, association cards),
  • Short movie/documentary presentation,
  • Casuistic session (discussion of relevant issues using real life cases or victims’ stories).



We invite professionals working in the field of rights and services for victims of crime to submit proposals for a side event.

There are two overarching themes for the workshop programme, split per day:

Day 1: “Innovations in Victim Support through Inter-Sectoral Collaborations"

An open call for workshop proposals on “Innovations in Victim Support through Inter-Sectoral Collaborations.” We invite dynamic and engaging workshops that showcase innovative approaches, best practices, and success stories in victim support that highlight collaborations between different sectors.

Examples of workshop topics:

  1. Synergies between Generic and Specialist Support Services: successful models that integrate generic and specialist support services to provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to victim care
  2. Effective collaborations between victim support services and law enforcement agencies, focusing on victim-centred responses within the criminal justice system
  3. Collaborative efforts between victim support organisations and healthcare providers, emphasising the holistic well-being of victims
  4. Academia and Advocacy, Collaborative Research for Informed Victim Support: innovative approaches that leverage academic expertise and research to enhance evidence-based practices in victim advocacy
  5. Private Sector Alliances, Corporate Collaboration for Victim Support Initiatives: successful partnership between a victim support organisation and the private sector, with a focus on corporate social responsibility initiatives
  6. Innovations in Inter-Sectoral Partnerships: innovative strategies to overcome challenges in collaborations between sectors, aiming to maximise the collective impact of partnerships for victim support
  7. Other

Day 2: “How to Guarantee Adherence of National Victim Support Services to the Established Framework"

An open call for workshop proposals on “How to Guarantee Adherence of National Victim Support Services to the Established Framework”.

Examples of workshop topics:

1. Establishing a Victim Support Organisation:

  • Exploring the Key Components of Organisational Structure
  • Staffing Strategies and Team Building

2. Meeting Specific Needs of Victims:

  • Tailoring Support Services to Diverse Victim Experiences
  • Cultural Competence and Sensitivity in Victim Assistance

3. Securing Resources for Victim Support:

  • Financial Planning and Grant Acquisition
  • Mobilising and Managing Human Resources, Including Volunteers

4. Setting Up a Case Management System:

  • Designing an Effective Case Management Framework
  • Technology and Tools for Streamlined Case Tracking

5. Running a Helpline for Victim Assistance:

  • Establishing Protocols and Best Practices for Helpline Operations
  • Training and Supporting Helpline Staff for Effective Communication

6. Monitoring and Evaluation of Victim Support Programmes:

  • Developing Outcome Measures for Success
  • Continuous Improvement in Support Service Delivery

7. Establishing national network of support service organisations and possible outcomes/impact

8. Other

Procedure and Deadline

Side event proposals can be submitted by filling out this online form.

– -> APPLY NOW <- –

Submissions close on Wednesday, 10 January 2024 midnight CET.

While we appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm of all the candidates, please, note that we usually receive more requests for presentations than we can realistically accommodate into our conference programme. To make sure that the programme is presenting a balanced content the Programme Committee will review the proposals using the following criteria:

  • Conformity with the overall theme and focus of the VSE conference,
  • Interactivity and creativity of the proposed workshop format or working method,
  • Equal representation of all the topics in the programme.

Attention: Please note that unfortunately we are not able to reimburse the participation fee nor the travel/accommodation arrangements for side event conductors. The conference’s side event programme provides a unique opportunity to give visibility to your initiatives and to create valuable connections. Furthermore, priority will be given to VSE member applications.

We will aim to complete selection and inform all candidates about the outcome of their submission by 30 January 2024. The final side events programme will be published on the conference website after all submitters are informed.

If you have any questions, please contact

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