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CHAT for victims project consortium meets in Zagreb for kick-off meeting

Last week, Victim Support Europe participated to the CHAT for victims (Changing the accessibility of Tools for victims) project’s kick-off meeting in Zagreb. The project, coordinated by the Victim and Witness Support Services Croatia, reunites partners from Spain, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and Victim Support Europe.

In the next two years, partners of the CHAT for victims project will look into how to develop online chat services for victims with disabilities, in a manner that is adapted to their specific communication needs.

How will the project Consortium achieve these objectives? The following activities have been discussed and carefully planned during the first partner meeting:

  • research and collection of best practices in informing and communicating with victims with disabilities;
  • development and practical implementation of a live chat service;
  • development of targeted training programmes for running chat services;
  • awareness-raising campaigns and activities.

Victim Support Europe is very much looking forward to collaborating on this project with the following organisations:

Conference ‘New tools in providing support to victims and witnesses’

Prior to attending the project’s kick-off meeting, project partners had the opportunity to attend the conference ‘New tools in providing support to victims and witnesses’. This event was organised by Victim and Witness Support Services Croatia at the Zagreb Innovation Center (ZICER).

The conference was held on the occasion of marking nine years since the establishment and operationality of the national call centre for victims of crimes and misdemeanours – the 116 006 helpline – and the sixteenth anniversary of the founding of the Victim and Witness Support Services Croatia.

The programme of the first conference day had a particular focus on people with disabilities, while the agenda of the second day was dedicated to the development of new tools in the holistic system of providing support to victims and witnesses. As an introduction to the second panel discussion of the last day, Maja Štahan from Victim and Witness Support Services Croatia presented the new CHAT for Victims project.


To read more about the conference, please visit Victim and Witness Support Services Croatia’s website.


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