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COVIS Project Holds Final Study Visit in Paris

By April 18, 2024News, Top Story

Dylan Power

18 April 2024

The COVIS project has recently concluded two insightful study visits, offering a deeper understanding of victim support mechanisms in Croatia and France. These are the final study visits out of four in total; previously the project visited Ireland and Portugal.

Building upon the previous study visits the COVIS project visited Paris, for its final study visit. From the April 9th to the 11th, the team was warmly welcomed by France Victimes.

During their time in Paris, the COVIS team had the privilege of visiting the Judicial Court of Paris, immersing themselves in the French judicial system’s approach to victim support. They also learned about the work of Association Paris Aide aux Victimes, with the support of Ms. Louise Terrier-Vasse, the coordinator of the jurist, who showed them the association’s offices and explained how they provide support to victims. Additionally, they engaged in discussions and presentations facilitated by representatives of the Ministry of Justice – Ms. Doris Doni and Ms. Laura Canitrot – as well as representatives from victim support organizations from Versailles – Mr. Jonathan Portier – Melun, and Fontainebleau – Ms. Laurine Thuex and Ms. Aruni Rajakaruna. These interactions provided the team with a comprehensive understanding of France’s multifaceted victim support infrastructure.

These study visits underscored the importance of victim support in court in advancing victim-centric approaches within legal systems. By exchanging best practices, identifying challenges, and fostering dialogue among stakeholders, the COVIS project aims to build knowledge and provide tools needed to establish and deliver quality court-based support services for victims and witnesses of crime.

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