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Italian update from I-Care

By January 1, 2018February 1st, 2021News, News from members

I-CARE gives most of the support to victims through 6 house-shelters located in north of Italy.

The largest one can accommodate up to 17 victims in parallel (I-CARE hosted 78 victims in 2017).

Benefits paid to all victims are:
– Basic care, listening to the physical and / or psychological needs.
– Preparation of meals with the contribution of victims if they benefit in joining into this activity;
– Laundry and maid;
– Transport to and from hospital, courts or police offices, law firms, or any other reasonable need;
– Protection of the victim from unnecessary intrusions, protecting their privacy, even with media;
– Consultancy directed to obtain compensation and reparation;
– Updating with developments of legal proceedings.

In 2017, in addition to the normal work, service and support, I-CARE supported Italian victims of terrorist attacks.

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