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Join us in person at the “Vision for a revised Victims’ Rights Directive” event

Together with Saskia Bricmont, Victim Support Europe (VSE) are delighted to invite you to the event “Vision for a revised Victims’ Rights Directive”, taking place on 16 November 2022, from 2 to 4 pm CET.

Given that the European Commission has announced a possible proposal for a revision of the Victims’ Rights Directive by March 2023, we believe it is key to seize the momentum to raise awareness and debate on this topic. This revision is indeed essential because it has the power to strengthen existing rights, establish clearer obligations for Member States and new rights for victims.

The event aims to exchange on the way forward for the European Commission’s proposal on the Victims’ Rights Directive, and how the European Parliament can strengthen the text in its legislative process.

The event will also be an opportunity for VSE to launch an important new policy paper focusing on changing the way we perceive victim engagement, from that of a silo approach with each organisation operating in single sphere and single perspective, to one where every entity coming into contact with victims does so from a victim-centred, human rights perspective.

The report, which is titled National Framework for Comprehensive Victim Support, has been the outcome of a 1,5 year-long process of research and consultations with EU and international victim support experts. The framework demonstrates that the delivery of support is not a static notion but rather an evolving concept that encompass all areas of life which should be looked at from a long term, coordinated and comprehensive approach. It is acknowledged that countries, in which all those delivering support act in unison, with long term strategies are in a better position to effectively support victims than those based on individualised, short term decisions.

What is presented in the paper articulates a vision that can form the core of a new, forward-looking model for victim support in the EU.

Please find the event agenda here.


The event will take place at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and will provide an ideal opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities to have a comprehensive and effective Victims’ Rights Directive with Members of the European Parliament, NGOs, EU commission officials, and policy experts.

Please, note that the report will become available on VSE’s website after the event.


Only limited places are available. Please, register early to reserve your place following this link.



Kind regards, Victim Support Europe and Saskia Bricmont

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