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JOIN VSE’s 1-DAY CAMPAIGN “#GoodHumanRightsStories” 

By September 10, 2018February 1st, 2021News, Publications
27 September 2018
The European External Action Service is launching “Good Human Rights Stories Initiative”, a cross-regional coalition of human rights-minded countries to develop and share a new positive narrative on Human Rights. The EU story will focus on the victims’ rights.
Victim Support Europe have been asked by the EEAS to showcase good news stories relevant to victims rights. Therefore, we are preparing a 2-minute video which reflects how the EU has benefitted victims of crime.
The film will be shown at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York on the 27th of September, during which the EU together with other countries (14 foreign ministers and the UN) will launch the Good Human Rights Stories global initiative.
The ceremony will be chaired by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Vice President, Federica Mogherini.

By taking part in 1-day social media campaign, members share their positive victims’ stories or victim support workers’ stories in order to showcase positive practices of victim support services.

On the 27th of September, Victim Support Europe will share a teaser of the ‘Good Victim Rights Story’ produced by EEAS in its Facebook and Twitter pages with the following hashtags: #GoodHumanRightsStories, #Stories2Inspire.
Then, VSE’s members and stakeholders will join the initiative by sharing their own stories as a reaction to VSE’s Facebook and Twitter posts: a photo, a video or a text – whatever form they prefer!

It would be great if we could create some momentum, particularly on victims rights, to highlight where things have gone right – including the individual efforts, e.g. the one police officer who went the extra mile.

27 September 2018 (as a reaction to VSE’s Twitter and Facebook post which will be published on the 27th of September)
What: a photo, a video or a text depicting a good victim rights/victim support service experience
Where: Twitter, Facebook
Hashtags: #GoodHumanRightsStories, #Stories2Inspire

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