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New report by Victim Support

By November 10, 2016February 1st, 2021News

Victim Support has published on a new report entitled “Meeting the needs of survivors and families bereaved through terrorism”.
Since the incidents in Sousse (Tunisia), Paris and Leytonstone in 2015, VS has directly supported over 150 people who have been personally affected by acts of terrorism. Through their work supporting these individuals, it became evident that they do not always receive the help and assistance they require.
In order to better understand their needs and the barriers they face to accessing support, VS conducted research into the impact of terrorism on survivors, and those who have been bereaved, and their experience of the existing victim services system.
The findings of this research are presented in the report, which provides personal insights into the survivor’s journey through the system. The report also examines the range and co-ordination of available services in England and Wales and, using examples of what VS believes to be international good practice, looks at how the provision of support can ultimately be improved.
The report concludes with a series of recommendations, which VS hopes will provide focus for all agencies involved, as we work together to improve the support of those personally affected by terrorism.

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