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News from Offerraadgivningen in Denmark

By June 26, 2017February 1st, 2021News, News from members

Funds for an OID Secretariat Leader
Finally, OID managed to get funds for a secretariat leader through the National Police and have constituted part time our experienced project coordinator Dorte K. Mortensen.
People’s Meting, Bornholm:
For the 6th year, far more than 100.000 NGOs, politicians, institutions, the media, civilians, etc. met for 4 days in the island Bornholm to discuss various issues that are on their agenda and to lobby. OID has attended for some years. This year OID participated together with 5 local Offerraadgivning organizations, including the new Bornholm Offerraadgivning, trying to get into dialogue at some of the more than 3000 events, and people in the street.
Local Chairpersons’ meeting:
At the meeting in June with local chairpersons and board members OID formed a committee to work on Offerraadgivningen’s participation in the national rescue corps. OID already is in contact with the National Police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Red Cross, and three of the local organizations have developed a rescue plan, which is agreed with local stakeholders.
Attacks in UK
Offerraadgivningen became visible in the media during the attacks in UK, also due to exchange of numbers in UK with ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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