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Victim Support Europe Centre of Excellence Workshop in Tallinn

By October 2, 2019February 1st, 2021News
On 3 and 4 October, Victim Support Europe and member organisations, running the 116006 helpline and/or providing distance support services, participate in the annual Centre of Excellence Workshop. This year’s edition is co-organised by VSE and its new member from Estonia, the Social Insurance Board, in Tallinn. 

The Annual Centre of Excellence Workshop, Tallinn, 2019

This Workshop is an opportunity for VSE member organisations to share good practices on different subjects related to their helpline and their support at a distance services. Our Centres of excellence provide unique opportunities to VSE member organisations to work together on a specific topic, to share best practices and tackle challenges in their work and in general towards better serving victims of crime. This year the participants decided to focus on four different areas:
  • Functioning of the 116006 helpline or other helplines in the different countries
  • Development of a position paper
  • Alternative methods of support using virtual and augmented reality
  • GDPR and victims support

    Social Insurance Board (Estonia)

List of participants: Victim Support Sweden, Victim Support Finland, Victim Support Northern Ireland, Crime Victims Helpline Ireland, Weisser Ring Germany, Victimology Society of Serbia, Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia, APAV, Bílý kruh bezpečí Czech Republic, Slachtofferhulp Netherlands, France Victimes, Social Insurance Board Estonia
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