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Victim Support Europe Launches New Website to Expand Public’s Knowledge About Victims’ Rights

By February 22, 2021February 24th, 2021News

WITH COVID-19 creating an unprecedented rise in victims of crime seeking support for various issues, Victim Support Europe’s new website comes at a time when connecting victims to frontline support services and being able to access digital resources quickly and easily is critical.

Victim Support Europe (VSE) has launched a new website to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for and access support.

The new site is designed to clearly communicate VSE’s mission to audiences across the world and encourage people to get more involved in its work. The site also makes increased use of multi-media content to deliver an immersive online experience.

Levent Altan, Executive Director at Victim Support Europe, said: “The launch of the new website is the first step of our 2021 journey to use digital more effectively to achieve VSE’s goals, with lots more exciting digital features to come: our brand-new community engagement hub and an online training platform. is the global face of our organisation and the destination gateway to taking more action, either by involving yourself in a campaign, or taking ‘real world’ actions to advance existing support services or to establish new ones where they don’t yet exist by giving time and money”.

Marina Kazakova, VSE’s Communications Officer, added: “The new website has given Victim Support Europe a coherent way to present the brand, while the content management system makes the breadth and depth of VSE’s victims’ rights content more accessible, enhanced by a powerful search tool.”

Focusing on providing information for victims, campaigning and lobbying activities, the content now falls into several distinct categories such as ‘Guidance for Victims’, ‘Guidance for Victim Support Professionals’ or ‘How You Can Make a Difference’. The site is intended to drive users to not only find out about VSE’s areas of work, but also to encourage people to take action and join in with VSE’s campaigns, events and initiatives.


Some of the new website features are:

  • Practical advice for specific types of victims: information on victims’ rights, on how to identify and how to report a crime, on who to contact for assistance in the event of a crime, on appropriate support after a crime, as well as information on current EU policies related to these topics.
  • ‘Working for victims’ section designed for professionals, who regularly meet victims of crime.
  • EU Mapping – a comprehensive, user-friendly overview of EU laws, policies, and other documents which relate to victims of crime.
  • Optimised search engine to help innovators, partners, and collaborators find content more easily.

VSE aims to be the world’s leading catalyst for innovation and transformative change in the victims’ rights field. It creates the conditions for new approaches to emerge, identify and mobilise the most promising ideas to advance victim support services around the world. Its passionate and open-minded team is dedicated to driving societal change for victims of crime, their families, victim support professionals and other stakeholders involved in supporting victims of crime to thrive together.

Learn more at, connect with VSE on LinkedIn, or follow it on Twitter @VictimSupportEU, Facebook @Victim Support Europe or Instagram @Victim Support Europe.

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