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Victim Support Europe prepares study on victims of terrorism for the European Parliament

By September 15, 2017February 1st, 2021News

At the request of the European Parliament, Victim Support Europe partnered with the  European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) to contribute its expertise and knowledge and prepare a study on the needs of victims of terrorism.
Together with some of its members Victim Support Europe analysed the needs of victims of terrorism and the response in a selected number of Member States. The study is based on the research conducted on legislation and policy responses to the needs of victims of terrorism in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain and the United Kingdom. Thanks to the contributions of France Victimes (France), A.N.V.D.V. (Spain), Supporting Justice (UK), Steunpunt Algemeen Welzijnswerk (BE), Commission for Victims and Survivors Northern Ireland (NI), and Weisser Ring (DE) this study includes an up to date analysis of the legal and practical initiatives taken in those Member States for Victims of Terrorism in the past few years.
This study will provide you with an elaborate overview of the specific needs of victims of terrorism and the initiatives that can be taken by governments to meet those needs. The research and findings focus on the two main EU instruments in this field: the Victims’ Rights Directive and the Directive on Combating Terrorism. Based on the findings of adequacy of response to the victims’ needs, the study proposes a set of recommendations for the EU and the Member States legislative and policy response to better ensure the needs of victims of terrorism are well taken care of. Against the background of the discussed Member States recommendations and good practices are formulated for governments in Europe to improve the rights and services for victims of terrorism.
You can find it here.

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