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VSE welcomes first Greek member: The smile of the child

Communications Assistant, VSE Thu 27 Jul 2023 14:58
VSE Members News

We are very pleased to welcome the first Greek member to Victim Support Europe: The smile of the child. VSE now represents 78 members in 36 countries.


VSE membership gives organisations unparalleled access not only to our in-house expertise but also to other network members, and to the EU institutions and international organisations with whom we collaborate and whose representatives regularly speak at our events.  


The smile of the child


“The Smile of the Child” is a prominent Greek support organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives of vulnerable children and families. Established in 1995, the organisation’s mission revolves around providing comprehensive support, protection, and care for children facing various challenges. Through their website, they offer a glimpse into their multifaceted activities.


First and foremost, “The Smile of the Child” prioritises the welfare of children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or exploitation. The organisation runs shelters and safe houses, providing a nurturing environment for children to heal and regain a sense of security. Moreover, they operate a 24/7 national hotline for children in distress, ensuring immediate intervention and assistance when needed.


In addition to crisis response, the organisation is deeply committed to preventive measures and awareness campaigns. They work extensively on promoting children’s rights, educating communities about child protection, and fostering a culture of inclusivity. Their efforts also encompass support for families facing financial hardships, offering material aid, counselling, and parenting programmes to strengthen family bonds and reduce the risk of child abandonment.


Furthermore, “The Smile of the Child” collaborates with governmental bodies, NGOs, and international organisations, further amplifying their impact and ensuring a comprehensive approach to child protection. By combining direct support, advocacy, and community engagement, the organisation remains a steadfast advocate for the well-being and happiness of every child in Greece.




We are happy to welcome The smile of the child to our victim support family!

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