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VSE welcomes two new associate members

By June 30, 2017February 1st, 2021News

At the last meeting of VSE Executive Board new membership applications were approved. Since then our network has been enlarged for two new associate members and for the first time we have members from Albania which now makes VSE network spreading over 27 different countries.
Our new members are Human Rights in Democracy Center (HRDC) from Albania and Associazione Aleteia from Italy.

Human Rights in Democracy Center (HRDC)

HRDC is non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organisation aiming to work for the respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights in Albania.
HRDC was founded to improve the human rights situation in the country and advance the status of women, especially in counties’ rural areas. Through its multifaceted programs, the organisation combats violence against women, builds women’s capacity to engage in civil society, promotes a gender approach in the democratization process, and lobbies for laws related to gender equality.
The Center’s strategies include direct services to women experiencing violence, capacity building of state actors, documentation, awareness-raising, and empowerment programs for women activists.
Activities :
HRDC provides support services for victims of domestic violence, victims of all forms of discrimination, legal, psychological and social consultation, and does court representation for victims of domestic violence, discrimination. It also provides training to the police, judicial authorities, and local authorities. HRDC also monitors legislation and practice and carries out advocacy work as well as research and awareness raising activities. Part of its monitoring function relates to the enforcement of laws constitutional rights and freedoms from within a gender equality perspective.
Mission of HRDC is :
• To protect and promote human rights as an independent actor in civil society sector in Albania;
• To bring sustainable improvements of social position of women in Albanian society;
• To strengthen democracy through advocacy, lobbing, monitoring, litigation of improvement the legislation
• To empower vulnerable groups through education, awareness, training, capacity building, with special focus to women;
• To be the legal voice of voiceless on human rights issues;
Strategies of HRDC are
• Human Rights Defense Strategy; Monitoring and Documentation of Human Rights Violations; Human Rights Education (raising the level of legal consciousness of the population and protection of the legal rights and interest) and Human Rights Advocacy. The strategies are closely interrelated and they are likely to produce synergy-effects in a long run.

Associazione Aleteia 

Associazione Aleteia – Studi e ricerche giustizia riparativa e mediazione, since 2010 works for the Humanistic mediation that is one of the cornerstone of the association, which coordinates and manages, with an employ of Justice Minister – Center of child Justice for Tuscany and Umbria, the interdisciplinary Regional Center of Child Restorative Justice.
Since January 2017 Aleteia has an important role of welcoming, support and guidance for crime victims thanks to Rete Dafne Firenze, for which it’s creator partner with Florence Court, Tuscany Power of attorney, ASL Toscana Centro and Florence’s Municipality.
Aleteia’s operators, with different work – studies routes, have been tracking a specific victimological train course, in which have took experience and contribute person who daily work with victim: judges, lawyers, doctors, carabinieri and social assistants. At the end of the formative course, from January 23, on the basis of Directive 29/2012, Aleteia guarantees, with Rete Dafne Firenze, information services for the rights, guidance for/of territorial services, judiciary accompaniment, psychological and psychiatric support, as well as re-victim mediation.
Finally, from June 2016, in collaboration with Associazione Apab, Regional penal services Administration for Tuscany and Umbria, inter-borough office for penal execution for Tuscany and Umbria, and Child Justice Center , runs Progetto MEF- Mediation , restorative activities and mediation, an innovating project that deals with people, children or adults, in probation o penal execution. Project’s target is to individuate personal road most appropriate for every one (it may include training, restorative activities and/or mediation), also because of a matching between single knowledge and necessities of bodies who are available for the welcoming, carried out by center of orientation.
For more details about VSE membership check our members pages , find VSE members from different countries and read our news from members as well.

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