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VSE will launch a campaign “Make Victims’ Legal Rights a Reality”

By January 14, 2019February 1st, 2021News

Victim Support Europe is preparing to launch a social media campaign in recognition of European Day For Victims of Crime with the overall aim – to make victims’ legal rights a reality on practice.

The action seeks to improve the access to victim support services in member states and to encourage victims to reach out the support services.

The initiative is expected to involve dozens of national support organisations, alongside victims of crime.

VSE is conducting interviews with victims of hate crimes to understand where authorities failed to help and what needs be improved. VSE’s member organisations are invited to conduct interviews with victims on their own and to provide the information about their organisations in order for VSE to map all the support services. The mapping will make it easier for victims to find the right support services with minimal effort.

The “Make Victims’ Legal Rights a Reality” campaign is expected to launch on February 12 and will continue till February 22: European Day For Victims of Crime.

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