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White Circle Croatia: “OneDrive and WhatsApp were crucial for maintaining the continuous support to victims”.

During the month of March the world was put to a standstill because of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Our usual ways of working have changed at the core and these new conditions demanded a fast change.

Considering the wellbeing and health of our beneficiaries, we have organised a work-from-home system. All the calls were transferred to our home phones and we were available for everyone who needed our help. Victims could also reach us via the mail. All of this was put together in a very short period of time and wasn’t hard to get used to. All of the workers were constantly connected and the usage of technologies like OneDrive and WhatsApp were crucial for maintaining the continuous support to everyone who needed it.

Right at the start of the outbreak, White Circle Croatia was looking to hire three new team members since we were to sign a new European Social Fund project „Cross over Violence“ worth more than 180,000.00€. The goal of the project is expanding social services and strengthening the support system for victims. The hiring procedure took place online and currently we are in constant contact with the new colleagues helping them distantly to delve into the work loads.

In May, we have started working from the office in two different teams: one – working the first two weeks, and another – the other two.


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