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In September 2017, we launched a new project – Best Practices in Victims’ Support: Referrals, Information, Individual Assessment. 

The major objectives of the Project are twofold: to ensure that victims of crime in Lithuania, Romania, Italy and Portugal have access to and are offered tailored victim support services suited to their needs and that the results of the Project will be available and transferrable to situations across Europe.

The Project’s research focused on both the national situation and European practices. By ensuring that both datasets are gathered, we were confident of developing tools which reflect best practices whilst understanding the national agenda sufficiently to adapt tools as appropriate and to achieve buy-in from stakeholders.

The Project started with an empirical research in the partner countries of Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania to determine to what extent and how referral, assessment and information provision already occurs within victim support organisations and the police. Whilst the primary goal of this research was information gathering, it also played an important role in helping partner organisations to develop new networks and relationships with State and non-state actors.

At the same time, research was carried out on European practices. European research was based on a funneling approach. In this way online research coupled with basic questions to victim support organisations and key partners in the EU member states enabled a first assessment of the situation in different countries. Where promising practices wereidentified, research was narrowed to those countries and entities having the best access to the information.

Based on the above research, information have then be synthesized to present best practices relating to referral mechanisms, needs assessment and information provision.

For more information visit the Project website.

Deliverables of the project:

Report Best Practices in Victims Support: Referral, Information and Individual Assessment Download

Literature Review Best Practices in Victims Support: Referral, Information and Individual Assessment Download

How to identify victims’ support needs? Guidelines to develop an individual needs assessment Download

Manual of Effective and Secure Referrals of Victims Download

Information Package Lithuania Download

Information Package Italy Download

Information Package Romania Download

Information Package Portugal Download

National Report Lithuania Download

National Report Italy Download

National Report Romania Download

National Report Portugal Download

Map of victims support resources in Lithuania, Italy, Portugal and Romania:

On 20th February 2020, the partners organised organised a final conference to present the results of the two-year project. The event was hosted by the Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU. Powerpoint presentations of speakers:

Final Conference Agenda Download

Objectives and methodology by Algimentas Cepas, NPLC Download

Presentation on Victims Rights by Levent Altan, VSE Download

Presentation of Infovictims by Federico Marques, APAV Download

Presentation of Referral system by Alex Sas, VS Netherlands Download

Presentation of Individual Needs Assessment by Caroline Birkett, VS England and Wales Download

Presentation of Info package by Andrea Poltronieri, Libra Onlus Download

Presentation of Referral Manual by Mart Carmo (APAV) & Cezara David, CLR Download

Presentation of Guidelines on Individual needs assessment by Léa Meindre-Chautrand, VSE Download

Presentation of Next Steps in Romania, Cezara David, CLR Download

Presentation of Next Steps in Italy by Elisabetta Aldrovandi, Guarantor for the protection of the victims of crime in the Lombardy Region, Italy Download

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